About Bec



Firstly, I assume you are here because you’ve decided to marry the person of your dreams… Congrats! What an exciting time for you both!

I have been married for over seven years now to a guy called Jesse. We grew up together and I always had a thing for him. So I was pretty stoked when he woke me up at 3:30am  with the announcement that he was taking me on a surprise outing. We were always adventuring around Freo at all hours of the night, but this time I had my suspicions, so I quickly chose a fun outfit and did my hair. Twenty minutes later we were in the car with a thermos of tea. He drove me out of town and up a mountain to watch the sunrise, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. We planned our dream wedding and got married with all of our favourite people. During the engagement period, we struggled to find a celebrant that was fun, personal, affordable and just got what we were after. So here I am today, trying to offer this to you.

You will find that I am young, vibrant, professional and I really care about all those small details that make your day truly amazing. I am also a relief teacher and a mum, so my organisation skills are top-notch. I plan everything in a way that ensures it is all stress-free for you, so you can enjoy the whole process of planning your wedding and getting married!

I love a good wedding, but mostly I love seeing people dedicate their lives to each other and look like they are just having the most magical day. So that’s my promise to you; to be fun, personal, affordable and to do my best to capture what it is you’re after and turn it into your most perfect day!

Bec x